Deadline extended into January!

Thanks to everyone for their patience.  We’ve been experiencing some technical glitches with online entry and payment methods, which has kept us from getting the word out about the show.  We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enter, so we have decided to extend the deadline to January 19th (suggested US Postmark date), with the absolute deadline for work to be here at Bracker’s Good Earth Clays on January 24th.  Please help us  spread the word!

(above image from the 2002 Cone Box Show Retrospective.  Learn more in the history section of this website)

3 Replies to “Deadline extended into January!”

  1. Hello again: I have been in contact several times through email about the Cone Box Show. Evidently my package is caught in limbo land. I started filling out the form to track it down and it asks, once found, where do I want it shipped. This may sound like a silly question but here goes. Should I just tell them to send it back to me. I know the jury session has already happened. Just thought I would ask before completing the form to find my pots.

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