Entry Form Now Available!

We are excited to announce that the entry form for the 2018 Cone Box Show is now available.  Click here to download the traditional “print and fill out neatly in pen” form, OR check out our new online submission below.  Just fill it out right here online and send in your piece!  We’ll match up your piece with your paperwork!


4 Replies to “Entry Form Now Available!”

  1. It is not evident in the online submission that this field is required. The link to the drop box folder for submitting images goes directly to any empty folder with no instructions on how to upload the image, even after logging into my drop box account. Can the image be emailed or please provide instructions on upload to drop box.

    1. it shouldn’t be reqiured. Pictures are optional. If you choose to upload an image for reference or for future use on instagram, there is a field for filename of the image, and then you should be able to just upload it to that dropbox folder. Email is also fine.

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